Signs of a bad starter Motor and starter motor replacement.
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Signs of a bad starter Motor and starter motor replacement.

Hi and thank you for reading this short post for: Auto Maintenance. 

since your car is the costliest expense. It will make more sense that we maintain this vehicle. Be it old or new. Because the repair cost vs the maintenance cost is huge. In fact for example : 
EXAMPLE 1 an oil change with a good additive can prolong engine life vs Someone putting off an oil change out of sheer laziness. This will result in engine wear. 

Moble Automotive Experts

how costly can neglect be ?

So based off the example…. We’re better off spending 50-60 bucks on an oil change and avoid a $1000+ repair. I hope that makes sense. 
Examples  2 Sometimes we need to replace a faulty suspension part, but we overlook the auto shop saying it’s a necessity. We however feel it can wait.   Wait ? Till…. The next oil change.  So we wait… And finally we realize that a couple of hundred dollars have now ballooned to 400+ repair due to the initial issue progressively making more parts wear out. Due to excessive play in the part, causing stress on other components. 
This is crazy right ? Yes it is. And that just there is the reason we need to be active in maintaining our vehicle. 
Unfortunately for some this is a death ring. Because no more car till the poor owner can save up to have the vehicle repaired. 

Now that we have the basic gist, let’s see how we can better understand our vehicle needs and preventative maintenance we can do to help us. 
Having your car inspected. 

have Vehicle inspected

  • 4 Inspections per year is important!

Have your car inspected, it’s very import to. The key hear us be apart of this inspection. If the Mechanic doing it is like us, that comes to your home. It’s easier to be part of the scene. Stand close enough to see what’s going on. If there is a problem. Find out. What it is. I’m not saying this is social or fun. What  I’m saying  is this will give you more confidence in the vehicles situation. 

Oil change, preventative maintenance.

Yes get it done on time. Have enough time to take it to a shop that you trust. And get them to check the vehicle , general check over. This is important. Because if we don’t get our car checked at an oil change then it will be checked when it comes in broken. A Lot can be seen before hand. Small leaks, low fluid level. Under charging alternator, dying battery. all this is good auto Maintenance 

Plan repairs 

Plan what needs to be done. Get a second opinion if you need to. But don’t sit on it. If you are about tight on money, then we can assist with used parts. Ask us how . 
Make sure warranty is available
Don’t do it without warranty. Good parts will come with warranty. Some suspension parts are lifetime some brands of parts are also lifetime. Such as Dorman. Dorman is really good at this. Lifetime warranty in parts ? Ow yes. But for some a 2 year warranty is good too. Or 1 year. It’s all about how long your gna keep the car. 

Plan fluid changes. preventative maintenance.

Changing your car’s Fluids is vital to limit friction on moving parts. If you plan out your preventative maintenance for the year. And get a quote for your oil changes, brake fluid change, transmission fluid change, power steering fluid change. Etc. You will have a price in mind. You can get a price from us too. Check Price of fluid changes.
Once you do this and you can effectively plan preventative maintenance. 

Another plan is to every oil change, check for oil leaks. This is key in keeping your engine clean and healthy. Add a UV engine dye to the engine oil. By adding UV Dye to all fluids. You will easily tell where a leak could come from. UV Dye is relatively inexpensive. 

Keep warranty info safe

Have a folder for warranty invoices. You never know when you will need the part replaced. a good auto parts warranty is very important. The way we do it is abit different, we already have the info saved, (provided you do the repairs with us)so we simply get the replacement part. And send a mechanic to change it at your home. 

So now that you have the knowledge:

  • Getting a vehicle inspection done 
  • Preventative maintenance 
  • Planning services
  • Choosing the right warranty

we hope this article was helpful. we @ Mobile Motors would love the chance to assist you. we have great service at affordable prices. and we come to your home to get the job done.

Please contact us if you have and further questions.


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